At HIIT Fitness, we are not your typical gym with tedious rows of machines. We have a large open space that allows us to move around and use your body. We use a wide variety of equipment during our training sessions such as kettle bells, barbells, dumb bells, TRX stability straps, and tires just to name a few.

Daily Boot Camps

  • Special - $40 for Unlimited Boot Camp!

  • Buffalo's best priced boot camp - Look Around!

  • Over 40 classes to choose from each month.

  • Constant change in each class keeps you coming back for more.

  • We will have you worked from head to toe for a total body experience each time you walk through the door.

First class is always FREE!

Personal Training

  • 1-on-1 sessions are conducted in a private setting for optimal results and comfort.

  • Many packages are available to fit your budget. No other fees apply.

  • Get RESULTS with trainers who will motivate and push you to your fitness goals but also having you feel healthy and happy.


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